The call of nature

Having got up around 7am, and down for breakfast by half past, I discovered that there wasn’t any. As things turned out, that may have been someone trying to tell me something! I asked the manager and, as usual, he made a phone call to someone who could speak English. “That’s Ok we will do breakfast, but you didn’t say yesterday that you would want breakfast.” Doh!

Half an hour later, breakfast was served, the usual 2 fried eggs and mini Frankfurters, bread and butter and apparently home made jam, Green Tea, and a small plate of mini cakes, some covered in what looked and tasted like caster sugar. Well, I just had to try them didn’t I!

I went for a walk around the area which was designated the ‘old city’, and took numerous photographs. For an old city it was very smart. The old buildings had been cleaned up, renovated and their usage changed. In keeping with its old location at the cross-roads of the old silk route there were many shop selling all sorts of silk products, looking strangely similar to those in Khiva. By lunchtime it was getting very hot, the manager of the Islambek in Khiva was right, there wasn’t much shade. I beat a retreat to the hotel and turned on the air conditioning. As it turned out, I got there just in time, as something I had eaten decided to disagree with my digestive system ….You get my drift!

I spent the rest of the afternoon either sitting on the loo, or resting, getting ready for the next bout. Not nice. I can only put it down to the mini cakes which had obviously come from a shop, but were not covered. Note to self: Don’t eat stuff that isn’t hot or properly wrapped! Note to Brigid: Thanks for the Immodium!

I did wander out again in the evening but, pleasant as the centre of Bukhara is, I felt a certain calling again. I had abstained from eating and had only drunk Green Tea (which I have developed a taste for), so whilst I had kept up my fluid intake, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast – a rarity for me I can tell you.

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