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Money raised from John and Brigid’s “Inagh to China” challenge will be split between the two charities and will benefit Young Minds’ Parents’ Helpline appeal, helping to maintain a free service which, for the last 21 years, has been providing a life line for parents, desperately worried about their children; and will pay for more free counselling sessions provided by the William Winder Rainbow Foundation to children with a variety of mental health issues and who may be at risk of suicide.

Mental health problems are often stigmatised and children, in particular, find it hard to talk about their problems. As well as raising money, John and Brigid aim to use their ride to generate awareness of the services offered by these two charities, and to let both troubled children and their parents know that they are not alone and that expert help is just a phone call away.

If you are interested in helping us spread the word about our “Inagh to China” trip and, specifically, the causes that motivated us into undertaking it, please get in touch. We love to talk.

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