Living the dream

I awoke with my system feeling a little better if not 100%, and risked a sensible breakfast (nothing cold or sweet), and then caught up with some blog entries. I also asked at reception what I should go and see in Samarkand. I was provided with a map containing a long list of sites. Looking down, the vast majority were Mosques or Mausoleums, which actually look remarkably similar. To me the Silk Road was all about Silk and Spices from “The Orient” and the trading that went on, not about Islamic buildings, iconic though they may be.

Spice BoysI looked down the list again and there were 2 bazaars listed, one of them just around the corner. I was, however, steered to the other one across town the SIYOB or “Seeop”. After a bit of bartering over the taxi fare, the disgruntled driver dropped me at the “Seeop”, and there it was, a huge bazaar. Just what I wanted. Silks, Spices, vegetables of all sorts, you name, it was there, probably. I just wandered around taking picture after picture, trying to capture the sight, sound and smellsNow THATs a market from over hundreds of years of trading. Impossible of course, but it really got my blood racing. The pictures don’t capture the size of the place there were two huge areas that I wandered around for a couple of hours, then I popped into a shop, only to find that it was a passageway into another huge area. I was like child again, this was what I had read and dreamed about at school and I was living the dream!

Samarkand Siyob Market

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