The roads are getting betterUp early, I was on road by 9am – curious to see what the roads were like and wondering where to stay the night. Would it take 2 or 3 days to get to Almaty? I would have to register my visa by the end of Tuesday, so I didn’t have too much time.

As it turned out the roads were very good, with a few short stretches of road under repair, but the majority was a very good quality surface, and I made the most of it.

Yet another warm day; I can’t believe I have ever seen so little rain. I have only been soaked once and showered on 2 or 3 times on top of that. I was taking a break and having a snack and a drink of water, when another biker pulled up. Sergey was a Kazak, from Almaty, so I picked his brains about where to stop overnight en route to my destination. After a little thought he said, “Korday. Plenty hotels there”. So Korday it was and, realising that I would be going through there on the way to my next country, Kyrgyzstan, it would be useful knowledge for the road.

However, on arrival, I quickly found out it is a very long town and I saw no hotel signs. Then I saw an obvious wedding party, stopped outside a smart looking building. That must be one, I thought to myself, so in I went. But, no, the turnstiles inside the door told me it wasn’t. Fortunately, however, the unlikely looking building next door was. At least, the upstairs! My fears of it turning out to be a brothel proved to be unfounded and, though it was scruffy on the outside, the rooms were a pleasant surprise. The bathroom was equipped with a very swish shower with multi jets from all over the place, integral lights and fan, and the bedroom was very smart and very roomy. It’s a shame the bed had old creaky springs …

Hey ho, as it turned out I had a good nights sleep for my £28, and I was only 240 ish kms from Almaty.

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