The Charities


Brigid and John would like to make it clear that the ride is entirely self-funded, with a little help towards equipment and services from the sponsors listed on the supporters page. All money raised will go to one or other of our two nominated charities. Please click the charity logos below to donate direct to either the William Winder Rainbow Foundation or Young Minds.

Donate to the William Winder Rainbow Foundation via iDonateThe William Winder Rainbow Foundation, based in Co. Clare, Ireland, was set up in memory of a local teenager, and is the main inspiration for our ride. Known by all as a caring and popular boy, William took his own life in June 2012, aged just 15 years. There were no warning signs and, to this day, his parents can only guess at the reasons.

Shocked to find that suicide is an increasing risk among teenagers, just two weeks after William’s death, Mark and Caroline Winder decided channel their grief towards helping others. They set up The William Winder Rainbow Foundation to provide counselling and support for children suffering from a variety of emotional and mental health problems, to try and prevent other parents suffering the same nightmare. The Foundation gained official charitable status in 2014.

At the time of writing, the charity has had 70 referrals from both children and adults seeking help. Some of these have had issues that were quickly resolved, but 45 people have received a full course of 10 sessions with professional counsellors. These sessions are worth up to €65 each and cost the Foundation approximately €1000 per month.

For more about the William Winder Rainbow Foundation, please visit their website or Facebook page.

Donate to Young Minds via Virgin MoneyGivingYoung Minds
is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional well-being and mental health of children and young people.

Public health statistics reveal that 1 in 10 children in the UK now suffer from a diagnosable mental health problem and the number of 15 to 16 year olds with depression has doubled in the last twenty years or so. Children in every developed country are facing new pressures that previous generations did not have to cope with. One in three children in every UK classroom is likely to have a diagnosable mental health problem, including depression, eating disorder or self harm.

The charity campaigns, carries out research, and influences policy and practice from the experience gained in its work.

For 21 years, Young Minds has been hosting a Parents’ Helpline, providing anxious parents with vital information and support. The Helpline has always relied on donations from companies, trusts and foundations, and individuals, but for the last 7 years, the Helpline has also received a grant from the Department of Education. That support is due to end in April next year and Young Minds must now rely exclusively on donations to fund the Helpline.

For more about Young Minds and, specifically, the Parents’ Helpline, please visit their website.

Ride-related fundraising:

There will be a public departure event at Dillons Bar and Restaurant in Inagh, starting at noon Sunday, 26th April 2015. There will be BBQ food, a cake sale, music and a bouncy castle, amongst other entertainments.

The Foundation have also offered to organise a return event in collaboration with the 4* Armada Hotel at Spanish Point – already regular supporters of the charity.

There will be volunteers with collection buckets at both the departure and return events.

Other ways to help our fundraising effort:

Large t-shirtBuy a t-shirt.  Our souvenir t-shirts, printed with our ride logo on the front and departure date on the back, are available in Large, XL and XXL sizes for €15 (excl. p&p). Our Inagh to China logo is based on the Chinese ‘Fu’ symbol for good fortune, so make sure you get yours!

t-shirt backT-shirt front







Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to order yours and, if you can’t collect or we can’t get it to you locally, I’ll send you a separate PayPal invoice for postage.


All money raised from ride-related events and profits from t-shirt sales will be split between the two charities.