A leap of faith

Leap of Faith DinnerOh come on! You really didn’t think you’d get away that lightly did you? Really?!

So, you will recall I mentioned the Russian roads being bad. I went out this evening for a bite to eat in a local coffee/cafe shop – this is a bit of a misnomer because it was really a restaurant come bar. Now, although I had my phone, with my friend “Google Translate”, it had an off day and couldn’t make a decision. The waitress’ app was likewise misfiring – a recipe for disaster. I picked out one dish, which looked interesting (or at least didn’t have some of the ingredients which would have spelled certain disaster, if you get my drift) and, using my misfiring friend, I asked the waitress for her advice as to what she though I should have with it. Bearing in mind I had no idea what I had ordered in the first place, this was either a real leap of faith or just plain blind stupidity, I just prefer the sound of the former, personally!

The meal was delicious, very tender pieces of pork in fried potatoes and onions, sprinkled with a mix of fresh herbs. It was accompanied by wraps containing a mix of mince beef and what looked like very small pieces of potato, but my friend had, at times, suggested there pieces of apple in it. Hey ho, whatever it was, it was excellent.

AstrakabLakeNow you may be wondering where the Russian roads comes into this. Well, as it turned out while I was in the restaurant, sorry coffee shop or …. whatever, it rained. A lot. So I had to walk back to the hotel in the dark accompanied by another friend, the torch app for my phone. It was ok until we got to about 40 yards from the door. At this point the famous, or maybe infamous Russian roads came into play. Earlier on today I took a photo of the bit of road in question, bearing in mind they haven’t any rain here for decades ….. OK days … ish, there was still a huge lake, big enough to hold a sailing regatta.

Getting back in the dark with my rapidly failing torch app, and having to play stepping stones was another leap of faith – the risk being that I could have drowned never to be seen again; well, not for another thousand years or so when I floated up in some far flung remote island, transported through a hidden vortex through the Earth’s crust.

At this point, kidding aside, I have to thank Brigid for encouraging me to take a leap of faith by continuing with the trip. I really would have preferred her to be with me. However, it has been an opportunity for me to do something new, something I really didn’t fancy at all. To travel alone. I am not, by nature, a loner, but this is a chance to try something different, something we should all do from time to time. Plans might not always work out for us, but if we never tried anything new we would still be struggling with square wheels wouldn’t we?

7 thoughts on “A leap of faith

  1. Absolutely right John! Good for you. Sounds like a bit of an adventure anyway, keep at it. We are all with you in spirit. Looking forward to the next instalment

  2. Thanks Dianne, It’s always nice to have encouragement and I am starting to get into this now, but I must remember to take more photos!

  3. Hi John

    Hope you are still doing ok on your journey and not having too many problems?
    I am one of the guy’s you met in the Riverside Inn in Atyrau, just thought if you could add a photo or two in your blog that was taken in there with the lads, I think I had one taken with you? I’m the one with the white hair (unfortunatly) and the goatey.
    I admire your guts to take on such a long Journey as I am used to more leisurely local runs at home in Scotland.

    Best Ragards


  4. Hi Malcolm,

    There is one of the lads on the Atyrau blog entry, I couldn’t not acknowledge you guys, it was a great night!

    Thanks for that


  5. In fact Malc, there is one of you and me on there as well. I send the blog to Brigis with the photos and she puts the entry up, it saves me a bit of time.


  6. Cheers John

    Take care on the rest of your journey I’ll keep reading your Blog updates.

    Best Regards


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